Greetings beloved brethren,
As you all know, our Pastors are in Africa to take the message of the Gospel of The Kingdom to those people!  As we already know, we can help by doing our part:  Praying!While our trailblazers are in a faraway continent, we serve as their backup, supporting them in prayer!  We’ll be giving you the updates on the trip right here on our site!

The following is their first journal entry on their trip:

It’s been both a blessing and a challenge spending these days here with Alex and Giovana. Poverty reigns supreme and perils of contamination (such as malaria) are very real.

Up until a little while ago (2 am), we had no electricity, and were under 113F degree weather. We were literally, dripping in sweat. Despite of all this, we saw young people converted, with the exception of some who come from Muslim families. They suffer persecution, and many have even moved to the mission base. However, they continue to persevere!

We visited the project supported by Amparo/Church in the U.S., which feeds between 80 and 100 people. They sing worship songs, and listen to the teaching of the Word (usually a Biblical story). This being the case, they already know many songs and stories. Some are beaten for going to the mission base, yet continue to return.

A child is a child everywhere. Here, they are always smiling and joking, even in the midst of so much adversity. We’re going back to sleep now, the electricity came back on. That way, the fan will help!

Aulus Argollo / Manoel Rocha