Sermons Series: Revealing God's Eternal Purpose

The Eternal Purpose Of God: Leaving All Behind

Bible Text: Galatians | Series:

As a continuation to Marco's last sermon in this series, Marcos shows us that we must continue walking towards the goal of reaching the likeness of Christ regardless of our past experiences. God has made every effort so that we may reach His purpose for our lives, we must be willing to press on to the ...Read More

The Eternal Purpose of God: One Family

Bible Text: Ephesians 1:3-6 | Series:

God's Eternal Purpose of having a family of many children in the likeness of Christ has been in place since before the foundation of the Earth. How much has this purpose molded our lives? Are we slaves to this purpose? In his sermon, Marcos shows us that just as Christ was obsessed with fulfilling God's ...Read More

The Eternal Purpose of God: Nature of the Church

Bible Text: John 17, Ephesians 2:11, Colossians 3:9-11 | Series:

When looking at God's Eternal Purpose, we can easily see how the state of the Church throughout the world does't conform to his purpose. Today the Christian church is divided by doctrine, power, customs, social classes, ethnicity and even skin color. These divisions are an affront to the person of Christ. We need profound repentance ...Read More

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